the story behind the home that
will be YourS for 10 days!

How it all started
The house was built in 1936 by Dr. Canivenq. He was the first medical doctor to practice medicine in the surrounding area right after the First World War. His wife and my grand father were brother and sister. Dr. Canivenq's daughter, Henriette—their only daughter left after their oldest daughter died of meningitis at 18—was single and never got any children.
When I, Véronique, was only a couple months old, there was a bad children sickness outbreak in the south of Aveyron where my parents and siblings were living. So, it was decided I would be taken care of by Henriette for a few months. It turned out I stayed over 5 years under Henriette's care!
After these founding years, I would come back every single holiday to see and spend time with Henriette. In the 90s, although I had close biological parents Henriette decided to legally adopt me to make sure I would inherit the house.
In 2007, Henriette passed in her 94th year.
Henriette died and I felt pain and confusion. However she left me a superb old house. So, after some reflection I thought, “Why
not restore this exquisite house and share it with others, that way I can enjoy and visit my old home too
So, the first private tours started in 2011... 

The house itself
Considered by locals the most beautiful house in the village back then, my goal was to bring its splendour back.
It took over a couple years of refurbishment. A few key features of the original art-déco bourgeois home were kept.
Typical of these building years are the very large room volumes, high ceilings and lots of natural light. We tried to keep as much as possible these along the renovation process.
All the original outside walls, the roof, the two fireplaces, as well as the central wooden staircase and some inside decorative elements such as furniture and all of Henriette's drawings. When I emptied the house I discovered she had this hobby before I was born although never talked about it. I found dozens of her drawings away in a piece of furniture.
Everything else in the house has been refurbished to the highest standards with the help of the best local artisans.
There's even a separate room just for a jacuzzi for two people.
The house is entirely all above ground. It has three stories as well as another level—the lower level containing mechanical rooms and garage. This lower level can't be seen from the street but the garden side.