July 16 to 25, 2018 | Active Experiences


July 16 to 25, 2018 | Active Experiences

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Book now your private, customized tour in Aveyron. This tour will focus on active experiences such as biking, hiking and kayaking/canoeing. 

This tour is first-come first-served. As soon as we do have your group of at least 3, nobody else will be added to your own unique experience.

Share your experience with like-minded people.
You decide who you will travel with: a spouse, partner, family, friend or, any group you put together up to 8.

(Photo: Kayaking/canoeing along the lazy Tarn river and its gorges.)

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Regular price is US $4000 per person for a 10-day all-inclusive tour. This tour price has been slashed by 50%!!
So, only US $2000 per person for an all-inclusive 10-day tour with tons of planned active experiences!

Our main condition is; bring at least 2 friends and enjoy the authentic, intimate French experiences we've hand-picked for you.


If you do have lots of questions and
would rather talk to Véronique directly over the phone,
her cell # is 403-493-5142
M.S.T. (Mountain Standard Time).

Activities in detail


  Left to right: Jack, Nadine, Véronique, Laura, Dan, Debbie and Ernie taking a well-deserved break during their bike trip. The photo was taken above Cassagnes-Comtaux ( see our story here ) where they admired the view before biking down meandering through the vineyards.

Left to right: Jack, Nadine, Véronique, Laura, Dan, Debbie and Ernie taking a well-deserved break during their bike trip. The photo was taken above Cassagnes-Comtaux (see our story here) where they admired the view before biking down meandering through the vineyards.

Daily loops with mountain bikes, road bikes and/or e-bikes (battery-assisted bikes such as the ones in the below photo).
Helmets are provided. Véronique, your tour guide and host will be driving a van to assist you if needed.

To note:  In 2018, the famous Tour de France is going through Aveyron, once again. On July 22, 2018, the Tour will start near the Millau Viaduct. The Millau Viaduct is the tallest cable-stayed road bridge in the world.

Aveyron is a touring cyclist's dream. Imagine; one of the largest département in France with one of the smallest populations and a network of over 16,000 km (10,000 miles) of small paved roads. Add to that stunning scenery, very little traffic, small villages every other turn, undulating topography, occasional steep hills leading to stupendous views, you're in a cycling heaven!



Kayaking down the Tarn river seems more like canoeing down this lazy river.  You can easily go for a swim along the way as there are multiple beaches available.
An authentic French lunch with wines and refreshments will be provided.

There are multiple boat launch options along the river and as such experiences lengths. You'll decide with our help. 


  Left to right: Elizabeth and Linda on a hike.

Left to right: Elizabeth and Linda on a hike.

Aveyron has literally hundreds of hiking opportunities to choose from easy hikes to more strenuous ones. Once again, you'll decide with our help.

optional activities (usually for an extra fee)

  • Pottery and ceramics over half a day (US $62 per person).
  • Laguiole knife making as a one-on-one half day or one-day workshop (US $310 to 347 per person).
  • Leather workshop (Full day, 6 hours. US $125 per person. Not available in July and August).
  • Mosaics workshop (Half day, 3 or 4 hours. US $65 or 100 per person, depending on duration).
  • Book binding workshop (Half or full day, 3.5 or 7 hours. US $56 or 112 per person, depending on duration. Minimum 2 people).
  • Stained glass window making workshop (Half day, 3 hours. US $56 per person.).
  • Photography workshop (Full day, 7-8 hours. US $260 per person. Bring your own camera. Experience provided by a native English speaker).
  • Rail biking experience (Half day, 1.5 hour or 3 hours. US $15 per person or 32.).
  • Zipline and aerial adventure experience (Half day, 3+ hours. US $56 per person.).
  • Mini-cruise experience on the lazy Tarn river (Half day, 1.5 hours. US $20 per person. Wine included. Multiple options available).
  • Via Ferrata walking over a full day (Around US $60 per person. Price depending on number, minimum 2 and maximum 4. Fully guided and gear rental included).
  • Paragliding around the high plateaus near Millau (Introductory flight such as in double seat starting at US $100 for a 25 min flight which is weather and wind dependant).
  • Motorcycling (Caution: for experienced riders only, off-road riding training with award-winning professional. Full day starting at US $600 including rental of bike and gear.).
  • Hot air balloon ride experience (Half day, 3+ hours. US $260 per person. When sun rises or 2 hours prior sunset. Includes either a healthy breakfast or a Champagne celebration and hot air balloon diploma).
  • Bungee jumping experience (US $115 per person per jump. Free fall of 107 m so, 351 ft. Add a walk of over 20 min to reach jump area above the Tarn gorges).
  • Canyoning experience (Full day, 6+ hours. From US $47 per person to 68. price is difficulty-basedt).
  • Climbing experience (Half day. US $38 per person. Introduction.).
  • Caving experience (Half day, 2 hours. US $40 per person. Introduction to).
  • Birdwatching over half a day to full day. (You do not need to be an expert to practice and enjoy here. From US $30 to US $170 depending on number of people and half or full-day duration. Experience provided by a native English speaker).
  • Visiting a goat cheese making farm (Free).
  • Visiting an alpaca farm. So from the farm to yarn, you'll discover their wide range of luxury alpaca products as well as their projects kits for all skill levels. Whether you are a knitter or a crocheter there will be a kit to keep you busily crafting for hours. (Free and an experience provided by a native English speaker).
  • Visiting an organic cattle farm (Free).
  • Visiting local vineyards and interacting with the winemakers (Free, tag along with Véronique).
  • Tasting the local wines at the local wineries (Free).
  • Workshop around the famous "gâteau à la broche" at a local producing farm. (Free).
  • Coal mining heritage touring focus over one or multiple days (Free).
  • French light cooking (from quiches to ratatouille to crème caramel, a workshop at Baraqueville home over half a day) (Free).


  • Bring in at least 2 friends. You have to bring your own friends as we do NOT form up groups of guests who do not know each others.
    We are offering you an authentic customized VIP French experience at an amazing price! First-come, first-served.
  • Price is US $2000 per person instead of US $4000!!
  • Tour is all-inclusive for 10 days. See our frequently asked questions for more details.
  • This specific promotion applies only to this select tour, July 16 to July 25, 2018.


  • Pick-up in Aveyron, at Rodez airport or Rodez train station.
  • The accommodation at Véronique's art-déco house for the 10 days/9 nights in Baraqueville, 20 min away from Rodez. The house is truly YOUR home for 10 days as well as conveniently located at a crossroads to experience the most of the area you'll discover.
  • No shared bedrooms. On the top, each bedroom has its own private en-suite full bathroom.
  • Regional wines hand-picked by Véronique and/or other beverages during meals as well as wines during the wine tasting experiences. 
  • Private tours where planned, and according to your needs, wants and desires where permits.
  • Food (all breakfasts, all lunches, and all dinners over your 10-day experience) and wine tastings where/if planned.
  • Entry fees to museums, castles, exhibitions, as well as all gratuities and other planned experiences.
  • Activities such as canoeing and biking are not included and charged as extras.
  • Services of Véronique, your bilingual local guide/host and personal driver.
  • Transportation during the tour in a comfortable air-conditioned car or van depending on the size of your own group, the one you formed with your family, friends and/or companion(s). As there's a lot to experience close-by the house, we drive an average of 90 miles all in all a day so around 150 km.
  • A tour that will be designed at your own pace. Yes, we can spend more time wherever you'd like to. Your tour could be more or less active as well as we welcome all fitness abilities. Keep in mind, so far each single tour has been unique and entirely à-la-carte.
    That's what we consider a VIP tour—without the cost—as well as a real, authentic and private French experience.


  • Airfare or any travel expense to and from the pick-up location, Rodez.
  • Lodging and/or guiding BEFORE or AFTER your tour.
  • Special wines and/or beverages other than those included during meals. This restriction does not apply to the wine tasting experiences whereas included.
  • Activities such as canoeing and biking are not included and charged as extras.
  • Personal items purchased during your experience in Aveyron.
  • Shipping of your purchases and/or associated cost(s).

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